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Welcome to the 2024-2025 Clan Naming and New Commander Search Reference Site

This site has all the information you need about the search for a new Commander and the settling of our Clan name.


Our Goals

The Clan that comprises the surnames MacAfee, MacDubhsith, MacDuffie, Macfie/MacPhee, and certain other cognates is currently without a Chief or a Clan Commander (Ceann-Cath). The search is on to find a suitable candidate for the vacant post of Commander, who will provide leadership, forward development of the Clan, and drive the process to identify a suitable Chief. The Lord Lyon King of Arms of Scotland has authorised a Family Convention to be held 17-MAY-2025 at which nominees for the position of Commander will be considered by eligible individuals of the whole Clan. 


Prior to the 2025 Family Convention, the Clan will settle the Clan name in the autumn of 2024. Your Notice to participate is due by 15-SEP-2024. A decision will be made by 29-NOV-2024. Click here for a link to the Notice of Intent.

Our Clan has posted this Announcement worldwide to advise those individuals with eligible surnames of the Settling of our Clan name and the Search for a Commander.

Three critical tasks need to be completed to participate in this process:

  1. Submit your Input Form for the Settling of the Name of the Clan. Deadline is 15-SEP-2024
  2. Submit your Notice of Intent if you wish to be considered as a candidate for Clan Commander. Deadline is 01-DEC-2024
  3. Submit your Intention to Attend the Family Convention for selection of a Clan Commander. Deadline 01-JAN-2025
All three links and other documents on this website will provide additional information and eligibility requirements. Document forms submitted for Settling the Name, Attendance at the Family Convention, and Selection of a Commander Nominee if altered will be considered invalid.


Council of 


The Council of Presidents for our Clan Societies was formed in the Spring of 2023 to lead the process for finding a new Commander. The Council includes Vanessa Duffy (UK), Christer Hemberg (SWE), Gary MacPhie (CA), Kris Marsh (NZ), James McAfee (USA), Thomas McDuffee (USA), Barbara McPhee (AUS) and Treasurer Finlay McFee (UK).

Consultant to the Council of Presidents:

Dr. Bruce Durie

During our Gathering in Scotland in September 2023, Dr. Bruce Durie presented to the attendees what the process of finding a new commander and eventually a Chief would entail. He held a Q&A session for attendees as an integral part of communications. Since the Gathering in Scotland the Council has made considerable progress on behalf of all Clan members worldwide with the guidance of Bruce Durie.

Supervising Officer

Professor Gillian Black

The Lord Lyon King of Arms has appointed Linlithgow Pursuivant Extraordinary, Professor Gillian Black, as Supervising Officer to the Family Convention.


Dr. Bruce Durie

Dr. Bruce Durie lives and works in Scotland.

He has an international reputation and decades of experience in helping individuals with their own genealogies, family stories, Coats of Arms, old documents, DNA and more. He has published over 30 books and hundreds of articles, made a large number of TV and radio broadcasts, given talks, lectures and webinars worldwide and led high-level education in these subjects.

IMG_4466 (1).jpeg

Summary of Website

and Documents for Printing

Appointment of

Supervisory Officer



Who may participate in these processes?

In order to participate in the clan naming process and/or the Commander search, you must have an eligible surname and submit your Notice of Intent. Following review and approval of this Notice you will be notified of your eligibility.


Find out if you're eligible using the document below.


Join us!

Attend the Family Convention in May 2025 in Scotland!


Fill out the below Notice of Intent to let us know you're coming.

Numbers may be limited for in person attendance due to site limits. Participants may attend either in person or virtually. Attendees will be confirmed 10-FEB-2025.

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